Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Action Relieves Guilt and Increases Joy

Action Relieves Guilt

and Increases Joy

Anti-Procrastination Day - So action is what I'm going to do today!

Need to finish up cleaning the last of the Christmas decorations lingering around the house. Get the rest of the tubs/bins back to the garage where they belong and take the tree to a nearby
Recycling Christmas Tree dropoff!
How about you? What is that thing or things that you have truly proscrastinated on? Today is the day to tackle it/them! 

~Bizee Mama 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Planning & Playing Today...

I hope I don't wear myself out with this 'New Year' stuff... Being motivated, trying to be up and positive, working on tons of things I need to work on... But, it starts with SIMPLE PLANNING! I'm not obsessing because I know I need to live each day as it comes. Planning is going to be a part of my New Year Goals though. It's not just the planning it's implementing! And that is what I plan on doing! Today is Tuesday Plan and Play []:

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” ~ Proverb quotes

Happy Tuesday!

I have used this Mom's Plan It Planner in the past thanks to my older sis!
It is very helpful in planning and being organized! 
Good Luck with your 2011 Planning!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011! Time to start blogging again!

This bright new year is given me

To live each day with zest . . .

To daily grow and try to be

My highest and my best!

I am ready for 2011! I feel renewed today and am ready to get out of the funk (blues) I was feeling for most of the month of December. Kids are back in school this a.m. I have my sweet little preschooler still at home with me who is loving his one on one time with his mommy again. The house is QUIET!!! Did you hear me? Did I say that loud enough? lol
I have done my Family Home Blessing Hour already thanks to FlyLady []. I am workin' on my Cozi Family Calendar and Reminders online []  -- Check out these great sites! I plan on them being my bestfriends in 2011!
And Wishing ALL my Blog Followers a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
I am also looking forward to doing a little more blogging... my blog is in the process of a NEW makeover! So, make sure you stop by again real soon... until then!
~ Bizee Mama