Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to reality after a long holiday weekend...

Hope this finds everyone happy and safe after this LONG 4th of July holiday weekend! Re-entry as my girlfriends and I call it. After a vacation, holiday, or long weekend...back to the swing of things, is not always easy! We celebrated with swimming, boating, BBQ's, and fireworks over the past 3 days! Our celebrations even included a birthday yesterday! I can't believe it is already July! Where has the Summer gone! Well, going to continue to enjoy all that comes with SUMMER and get my booty back to laundry!

I'd like to share our recipe for the birthday celebration dessert my kids and I made for their stepdad.

White cake
Large tub of cool whip
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Blueberries

How to: We baked the 13 x 9 white cake and then cut it into one inch cubes.
Rinse your fresh fruit and slice the strawberries.
Then layer your ingredients...
Cake/Fresh Fruit/Cool Whip Then repeat in different order: Cake/Cool Whip/Then layer the fresh strawberries in lines across the dessert to represent the stripes in the american flag. Then place the blueberries in the upper left hand corner to represent the stars!