Sunday, February 28, 2010

Business Opportunity or Personal Shopper?

Needing to supplement your current income?  Or earn some extra spending money?  Or even a full time opportunity?  Become a Personal Shopper and enjoy the amazing discount?  Yes, to any of these questions... consider Votre Vu!

Votre Vu has the best opportunity in the nation...they have the best skin and body care products from France...they have the best team that works night and day to help you build a business...and now...they have an extra FREE BONUS for you to become a Brand Ambassador!

When you become a Brand Ambassador with Votre Vu between Friday, February 12th through Friday, March 5th and place your activation order during the incentive date range you will receive the following products for FREE with your activation order*!

• 1 - #2070 CHAMPAGNE KISSES Lip Enhancing Balm
• 1 - #3010 TARTE D’AMANDE Body Soufflé Riche
• 1 - #2060 TOUT LE MONDE Antioxidant Eye Gelée

A total value of $126.00 in FREE Product!

These free products, along with the great value of the startMEup Pak (for a total of 9 full size products), should be just the thing you need to get off to a great start in your exciting new business with Votre Vu!

Join Votre Vu and discover why they are the best opportunity to “Spread the Buzz”!
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*An activation order is a personal order of at least 50 BV. BV is a point value assigned to each product. If you place your activation order

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Children Learn Through Play

What Is Play?

There is no distinction between play and learning for young children; they are one and the same.  Yet not all play is the same.  Most experts agree that children's play can be divided into different categories:
  • Active Play: jumping, running, riding, climbing, and other use of large muscles.
  • Quite Play: coloring, reading, stringing.
  • Solitary Play: dreaming, drawing, or activity that involves only one.
  • Cooperative or Social Play: games and activities that involve more than one.
  • Creative Play: molding, painting, making music, telling stories, or any other activity that involves a child's imagination
  • Dramatic Play: make-believe, dress-up, or any play that involves pretending.
  • Manipulative Play: building with blocks, putting puzzles together, cutting and pasting, or any activity that involves eye-hand cordination or fine motor skills.
The categories overlap and any activity will most likely fall into more than one.  For example, playing 'tag' is active and cooperative at the same time.  Though children could care less which category their play falls into, it is valuable for parents, teachers, and adults who work with young children to understand the types in order to provide opportunities for children to engage in them all.

Do Children Still Play?

As a child you problably remember being told to go outside and play and not come home until the street lights came on... Nowadays, because of over-scheduling emphasis on academics in preschool, too much screen time on computers, television and video games and paranoia that the media has created around our children's safety, play the way we remember it is no pretty much no longer.  Early care enviroments are heavily focused on academics through practices that are not developmentally appropriate for young children.
In a child's early years, various types of play should be a fundamental part of every day of their life.  Remember, it is not about flash cards and fancy, expensive toys.  Resist the thought that downtime is not a good thing for children and signing them up for the latest class, sport, or activity is what will help them the most.  Make PLAY a central part of your child's and your own life!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrate National Almond Day February 16 & go nuts! It's good for your complexion!

Celebrate National Almond Day February 16 and go nuts! It’s good for your complexion!

· Most nuts and seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and are crammed with skin-enhancing nutrients - in particular vitamins A and E.

· Both A and E are frequent ingredients in skin crèmes and are antioxidants that protect your body and your skin against pollutants in the atmosphere and against sun damage.

· Almonds, in particular, contain 150% of your daily need for vitamin E – which helps moisturize your skin from within, and protects your skin from damage and premature aging of the facial tissue.

· Moreover, like oily fish, nuts and seeds are also rich those good fats – Omega 3 fatty acids -- that keep your complexion nourished and smooth.

· Of course, Votre Vu recommends you satisfy your almond craving while nurturing your skin from the outside with Tarte D’Amande Body Soufflé, Amour D’Ore Les Vitamines Pour Vous, On Holiday Gelee de Corps, Champagne Kisses Enhancing Lip Balm, and Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm.

· Sweet Almond Oil is a star when it comes to skin care products, as it plays an important role in cleansers, moisturizers, and lip care. Great for dry skin, sweet almond oil is a rich emollient, a soothing anti-inflammatory that calms and nourishes the skin, and provides wonderful aromatherapy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Only a few days until Valentine's Day!

Do you already have votre bien-aimé (your loved one) a gift picked out?  If not here's a few amazing gift idea's!... Send a delectable French skin care set direct to your object d'affection!

This Supple Couple invites you to satiny smooth and deliciously drenched in moisture from head to toe with this dynamic duo of desirable effects.

Items included in this set*:
Champagne Kisses Enhancing Lip Balm
Amour D'Ore Les Vitamines Pour Vous

Don't stress over your party dress! Let your gorgeous skin grab all the attention, pampered with this luxe Votre Vu Valentine set!

Items included in this set*:
TARTE D'AMANDE Soufflè Riche Pour Le Corps

Choosing which French beauty gift we adore most would be as difficult as choosing a favorite loved one. This Valentine's Day we suggest you present your loyal devotion with this Love Triangle of tender treats that beautifully pamper your CHERIE in perfect harmony.

Itemsincluded in this set*:
RoyalTreatment Gentle Pearls Scrub
Calm,Cool and Collected
ToutLe Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelèe

Whether he's a brand new model or a true classic, your special someone deserves the best - that includes products designed just for HIM!

Set includes one each of three beloved products:
Habitude Men's Daily Face Crème(SPF 15)
Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm
Formule 1 Men's 3-in-1 Hair, Face and Body Wash

These sets are available through February 18th at this special pricing!

Love Your Lips! Champagne Kisses enhancing lip balm only $9 this month with a $75 luxe French skin care purchase!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOOK HOW CUTE! Adorable Designs for Your Special Valentine Day Occasion!

I love coming across new & cute idea's for special occasions. 
A Personalized Occasion's designs are just adorable!  I'm loving the idea of having personalized Valentine Day favors for my daughter & son to give to their classmates.  The full size hershey bar with wrapper will be perfect for my 2nd grader.  I think the mini's will be just the right size for my 3 1/2 year old sons preschool class.  I also, like the fact the you can order wrapper's only if you have the time to do it yourself.  I'm ordering them fully assembled this time and can't wait to see my daughter's expression when we receive them! I will be doing all my special occasion shopping from now on with A Personalized Occasion.