Sunday, November 15, 2009

Easy to do Beauty Secrets

When meeting someone new, most people take notice of the persons face first. For this and other reasons, maintaining clean, healthy skin is paramount to self-esteem, confidence and even attitude.

Getting healthier skin is not contingent upon high-cost prescription medications or obsessive skin care routines. Modifying your daily routine a tiny bit and upholding disciplined cleansing habits can help to add flawless skin to the list of your best qualities.

Eat healthier By avoiding foods that often make your face breakout, your skin will be less oily and more resistant to blemishes. Some problem foods that may cause pimples or breakouts include chocolate and other candy, French fries, fast food, pizza and soft drinks.
To get your skin in better shape, you may not have to give up everything that has negative effects on your skin, but rather, eat those things in moderation. Have greasier foods as a special treat or on rare occasion when eating a healthy, balanced meal is out of the question.

Hydrate and exercise Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day coupled with some regular exercise - walking, running, bicycling, engaging in sports - should have a great impact on ones complexion. Increased blood flow due to aerobic exercise will positively impact ones complexion with a glowing look to replace dull skin.
Not only will exercise and drinking water help skin tone and texture, but it will also make you feel more energized and great about yourself. By keeping your body in shape, you will feel less stressed and more capable of achieving those things you set out to do.

Add a beauty beverage drink to your daily routine like Votre Vu's SnapDragon: This delicious private blend of powerful anti aging super-fruits and botanicals features Mango, Pomegranate and Acai Berry juices. A mélange of teas (green, white, and gorgeous red) infuse some spice to your life. Seven daily vitamins plus Collagen, Aloe Vera, Foti, Ginkgo Biloba and Baobab Fiber round out this exotic beauty mix, supported by naturally safe extracts, fruits and minerals which may enhance energy. No preservatives or sugars added (you're sweet enough). Used daily, Snapdragon may help repair, restore and re-balance your body's internal systems, naturally giving your skin a radiant, beautiful glow. It may boost your overall vitality when added to your daily beauty regimen for optimal health, inside and out. Luscious and fabulously refreshing, there is not another match on the market, just like you.

Monitor sun exposure By using a moderate strength sunscreen, you will be protecting your skin from sun damage, skin cancer, aging and premature wrinkles. Too much sun can blister ones lips, leaving them red, sore and charred. Sunburned skin will eventually peel most times, leaving skin areas blotchy and sensitive. The best approach to preventing sunburn and other sun-caused skin problems is to monitor how much time one spends in the sun and to avoid sun exposure by using sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater.

Practice a regular cleansing routine Cleanse, (exfoliate), tone and moisturize. This daily routine should carry you on your way toward healthier skin. Select a gentle skin cleansing milk that works for your specific type of skin - normal/dry, oily, sensative or mature/moisture impaired. Using your selected product, cleanse face in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water, as hot water zaps skins moisture.
Then Tone. Follow the toning stage with an exfoliant. An exfoliant does not have to be granular or rough. An exfoliant product is often effective in smoothing rough areas and releasing dead skin cells, allowing the face to be better moisturized. The exfoliant step can be done as needed, usually 2-3 times weekly.

After the exfoliation process concludes, use a toner to tighten skin and remove any makeup or cleanser residue. A nice alternative to a toner would be doing a facial masque at least once a week, which tackles clogged pores while also firming skin and leaving it soft and silky.

Finally, pat skin dry with a soft towel but do not dry up all the water. Apply a moisturizer with sunscreen (if yours doesn't have sunscreen apply a sunscreen after your moisturizer) to help protect your skin from dryness and from the elements. Apply a Serum prior to your moisturizer in the evening to help Repair & Rejuvinate your skin.

By following the daily skin care routine along with drinking lots of water, exercising and protecting your skin from sun damage, you should soon notice positive results. Maintaining discipline and adhering to your goal to achieve healthier skin make the actual task at hand so much easier to accomplish.


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