Friday, September 24, 2010

100 Days to Christmas - Daily inspiration to get you through the busy holiday season.

My goal this holiday season for the 1st time was to have my Christmas shopping done, gifts wrapped, and Christmas cards ready to go by December 1st with a little encouragment from the FlyLady ( I have never set this goal for myself before and I was working on it.... then I came across this fabulous site 100 Days to Christmas. This was just what I needed to help me actually accomplish this goal! So far, I've been able to do each of the little daily steps (inspirations) which come through email daily. I get my daily inspirations/alerts on my blackberry... and I love it! -- I'm gonna breeze through the holidays this year and with six (6) children this will be a quite a feat and blessing!

Thanks 100 Days to Christmas for your inspiration and to - Cruising through the Holiday!


The White Whimsies said...

Hi! I am you newest follower.

Vic said...

I'd like to have that goal too but know it'll never wishes...:) have a nice eve!

Fun Saving Mom said...

I found you over at Bloggy Moms and am now following you! I would love it if you would stop by my blog, I even have a great kid friendly giveaway going on now!

Ellie Hirsch-Mommy Masters said...

Hi. Visiting from Bloggy Moms and just became a follower. Stop by and visit at


Melanie said...

Thanks for the visit over at 2 Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom
following you voa GFC now, too...:-)
Happy Thursday

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