Wednesday, May 12, 2010

During these HOT Summer days don't forget to Shield Your Skin

During the sunny '70's, baby oil, reflective tanning mats, and native tans were on trend - while sunscreen was beauty's best-kept anti-aging secret.  Not until recently has it become widely known and accepted that sunscreen is the most effective step you can take to deter wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging skin.

What's more, you must select your sunscreen carefully and use it properly to effectively shield your skin.  Most dermatologists - particularly those specializing in skin cancer - recommend a sunscreen with a chemical and physical barrier in order to ward off both UVA and UVB rays.  In addition , sunscreen must be reapplied every two to three hours, depending on your level of exposure and activity, which is why you cannot rely on an SPF built into your daily moisturizer.  Take care to cover the hands and neck, the first places to show signs of age, as well as the often neglected ears, feet, shoulders, and nose.

Rich in natural plant extracts and loaded with the essential oils, Votre Vu's Self Preservation Le Bloc de Soleil SPF 30 is blended with the same botanical base as our day creme for normal to dry skin, thus producing a moisturizing block that is unlike the typical dehydrating formulas used in common American sunscreens.  Hydrating shea butter, vegetable glycerin, and organic propylene glycol join with sunflower seed, calendula, avaocado and St. John's wort oils to heal, protect, fortify, and guard against inflammation.  Full coverage comes from a combination of titanium dioxide and eusolex 4360, both of which protect against UVA and UVB rays, with additional UVB filters provided by parsol and eusolex 232.  Be Protected!

These Votre Vu Products are Available at:

Here is a list of Votre Vu's other products with sun filters:

Amour D'Ore Les Vitamines Pour Vous - all-natural dry oil spray of 11 essential oils
Attentive Creme de Jour Organic Day Creme for Sensative Skin
Champagne Kisses Enhancing Lip Balm
Cheveux Heureux Mender de Cheveux (styling serum for hair)
Cheveux Heureux Brume Protective (strenghting serum for hair)
Duette Luxe Lips (lip balm) and Hand Creme
Full Benefits Creme du Jour Day Creme for Mature Skin
Habitude Men's Daily Face Creme SPF 15
Peau Equilibree Creme de 24/7 Day/Night Creme for Troubled or Oily Skin
Self Preservation le Bloc De Soleil SPF 30
Tout Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelee


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