Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Skin Preparation

Revise Your Regimen -- Most people have a skin care line suited to their normal complexion, but changing seasons can often herald a change in regimen. (Stress, hormones, diet, health, and other factors can also call for a product change.) For instance, increased perspiration – particularly if mixed with urban debris – might create a need to switch from a normal-to-dry regimen like Votre Vu’s Best Regards, to a line for troubled or oily skin, such as Peau Équilibrée. Allergies also pick up in the warmer weather, as skin is exposed to many more floral and topical elements, thus demanding a switch to a sensitive skin care line like Votre Vu’s French-organic Attentive or a calming product for highly reactive skin, such as Tragic Magic Rescue Crème. Occasional sun rash breakouts and bug bites are well treated with Au Revoir! Spot Remover, particularly for aging skin which tends to heal more slowly.  These fabulous products are available at:

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