Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn...

This is very hard for me to narrow down honestly... As we continue to learn lessons through out our entire lives! Hence WISDOM!  Here are the ones I thought of fairly quickly of of the top of my head.  This also is difficult depending on your child(rens) age.  Mine range from young adult to a 4 year old toddler.  But, these lessons will all apply at one age/stage or another and to you young parents out there I hope this is of some help as you begin your parenting journey!

1.  There are Consequences in life to everything.  ~ This can be learned at a very young age.  There is a result to every action.  Therefore, resulting in a good or negative consequence.  You can help your child along by letting the consequence happen but, encourage the positive result.

2.  Be Aware of one's self and their surroundings.  ~ We do not want our children to be afraid but, you have to make them aware.  Teach them age appropriate actions to take when they are afraid or lost, what is OK and not OK from others actions.

3.  Responsibility for one's self.  ~ This can also be taught at a young age.  To be responsible you avoid negative consequences.  Like knowing you have homework.  Do it, don't lie and say you don't and risk a negative consequence like staying in from recess.  Responsible for remembering chores, personal hygiene ie: take a shower when needed , brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. 

4.  Choose your friends wisely.  ~ It is your family that will ALWAYS be there for you.  As children get older this plays more of role in their lives.  You can also count on that your child IS doing what you HEAR his/her peers ARE doing as well.  Good or bad! ~ Bad is when it is time to intervene!     

5.   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. [Matthew 7:12] ~ Behave toward others as you would like to have them behave toward you.  The old 'sticks and stones may break your bones but, words will never hurt you'  ~ is NOT true.  Hard lesson to be learned.  Words alone CAN hurt.  We know certain actions do too!

Heck I'm still learning lessons and our children will too! It's all part of life!

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This is an excellent post! Very practical and down to earth. Young people reading and following this will glean some of the highlights of Proverbs. Well written. WB

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