Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer is going as quickly as it came... Here are my "Tips for getting your kids ready to go back to school"

Summer is going as quickly as it came.  Being a mother of 6 children ranging in ages from 21 to 4 we have all schools covered.  My oldest will be a Senior in College, I have a High Schooler, 2 Middle Schoolers, Elementary student, and preschooler.  To make the transition easier no matter what age you need to prepare.  I'm sure I follow some basics that all parents do but, I'm listing some of my tips that may offer something that would be helpful.

Here are my "Tips for getting your kids ready to go back to school"
In this preparation for the new school year make it fun & exciting!

1.  Being excited for them in all that the new year has to offer!  ~ Even if you didn't like school when you were younger. :]

2.  Make it fun to find out who their teacher(s) will be and what fun schedule they got!  ~ Check with your school when the will post their classroom lists.  Most schools have some sort of an Open House/Back to School night prior to school starting to find out the classroom(s), teacher(s), and/or older child's schedule.

3.  Have them help in the shopping for school supplies by getting a grade/age appropriate list (at the back to school night or a lot of your local supply stores actually have them) and shopping around for the best deals! Getting their backpacks organized! ~ They love this!

4.  Shopping for School clothes is the most fun!  However, being on a tight budget for this we really enjoy shopping around and trying to find the best deals to get the most clothes for the least amount of money!  This teaches them to be thrifty!  ~ Second hand stores come in quite handy for this that carry name brands but, not that name brand price and are just gently used but, NEW to them!

5.  Start doing some reading and brush up on some Math age appropriate problems if you haven't been doing this already through out the Summer.  ~ We do a Summer bridge program through our school and it is a great inexpensive workbook that is grade/age appropriate that helps bridge them from one grade to the next! ~ Or visit your local library if you haven't done so yet this Summer.  ~ Even age appropriate computer learning games at home or at your local library.

6.  Having your children get enough sleep is so important whatever age they are.  All my children know how much sleep they need and I help reinforce this with the younger ones.  ~ We start going to bed earlier and waking earlier about 2 weeks before school starts. ~ This truly helps!

7.  For the Mama's out there... know that this is a good thing!  Enjoy the extra quite if you can.  Or enjoy that extra time it may give you with a preschooler, or enjoy some girlfriend time! Whatever it is know that another year will soon fly by all too fast!  ~ Your children will learn so much this next school year! 

~ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey

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